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Isolation is an experimental abstract game made for the NM Game Jam, with the theme "A work of art is an adventure of the mind."

It is more a piece of interactive abstract art than an actual game. There is no fascinating game mechanics or even much point to playing it. The shortest route to the end takes less than a minute.

There is no adventure in this game except the adventure in your mind.

That said, Isolation was made in the Blender Game Engine in the span of about 10 hours. It's much shorter and simpler than I originally planned (because real life is distracting), but I may continue and expand this project later on.

Song used: Despair and Triumph by Kevin MacLeod

Known issues:

  • Blender Game Engine has some optimization and performance issues
  • Lighting and shadows are buggy and inconsistent at times (my fault, not Blender's)

Actual uncompressed filesize is 130 MB.

Install instructions

Just extract everything and run "Isolation.exe"


Isolation (Windows 64-bit) 40 MB


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