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A 2D platformer made in Unity over a weekend for the Game Maker's Toolkit game jam in 2021, where the theme was "Join Together".

Note:  Version 1.1 has post-jam fixes that make  the game much more playable and adds partial controller support (no UI support yet).

Controls (Keyboard):

Move - Arrow Keys
Jump - Z/Space
Attack - X
Swap Character - C
Special Ability - Left Shift
Pause Menu - Escape

Controls (Controller):

Move - Left Joystick
Jump - A
Attack - B
Swap Character - Left Bumper
Special Ability - Right Bumper
Pause Menu - Start

The Story:

Three souls are joined together within a magical artifact in the shape of a mask. Only one soul can manifest a form at any given time, but each form has a different ability.

Bree is small and can perform a quick horizontal dash.
Ellistair is versatile and can perform a double jump.
Vellsua is large and can perform a devastating ground-pound attack.

The three share a common goal: to stop the Nighthawk from consuming the souls of the innocent and stealing their powers. Guide the three joined souls to their destination and defeat the Nighthawk before it's too late, learning more about the world and the characters as you travel.

The Team:

Anslean - Programming / Animation State Programming
UmbraDracona - Art / Animation
Incredible Catfish - Art / Programming / Level Design
Rylenthedragon - Music / QA

Changes in v1.1 (Post-Jam):

  • Game mechanics fixes (movement and abilities work properly now)
  • Revamped control scheme (see "controls" above)
  • Partial controller support (gameplay: √, UI: x)
  • Attack animation fixes
  • Small dialogue/lore fixes

Bonus tip for the boss fight if you have difficulty:    Go for the head

Install instructions

Extract the .zip file and run  "Eidolon.exe"


Eidolon v1.1 (Post-Jam) 47 MB
Eidolon (Jam Build) 47 MB

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